Vincenzo Siravo

To sum up my Vincenzo’s personality, he is rough around the edges, goofy, highly motivating, and an intense kind of guy. This competitive cyclist is bringing his passion and high intensity workouts to REV to create the ultimate indoor cycling experience.

Vincenzo has been Spinning now for about twelve years and always loved the high intensity. About four years ago spinning led Vincenzo to outdoor cycling which led him to competitive cycling, then triathlons. Along the way many other friends in the sport have asked him for advice or help in there training leading him to becoming a spin instructor. On average he rides outdoors 100 miles a week on top of running and swimming two to four hours a week. Also, he is a big outdoors man, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and has been caught wrestling with bears in the wilderness.

Vincenzo loves all genres of music from classic rock to alternative and hip hop and cover music. His playlist have been called eclectic and tons of fun


Vincenzo’s Quote

“It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll”

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